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Abbott Diabetes Care to donate FreeStyle Libre 1 sensors to NHS Trusts

Dr Pratik Choudhary
Tuesday, 26th January 2021
With over 30,000 people admitted to hospital with Covid-19, and up to a third of them with diabetes, we know you are working flat out. With the use of steroids in many patients, the need for glucose monitoring to support care in hospital and support... Read More

Covid-19 update: Guidance and Resources for primary care and patients

Dr Dipesh Patel, ABCD Chair
Friday, 22nd January 2021
The statement from PCDS, supported by ABCD and Diabetes UK contains useful updated information to share with community colleagues and patients.  

London COVID-19 dexamethasone and hyperglycaemia: diabetes de-escalation guidance

Dr Dipesh Patel, ABCD Chair
Friday, 22nd January 2021
Released on 20th January 2021 by London NHS, London COVID-19 dexamethasone and hyperglycaemia: diabetes de-escalation guidance is now available for download.

ABCD and ABHI Position on Insulin Pumps

Professor Pratik Choudhary, DTN-UK Chair
Tuesday, 19th January 2021
ABCD and ABHI have released a joint position statement "Supporting Management of People with diabetes using Out-of-Warranty Pumps while Ensuring Appropriate Patient Choice". The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted all diabetes outpatient services, but... Read More

Covid wave 2

Dr Dipesh Patel
Tuesday, 12th January 2021
This new year, we find ourselves in perilous times managing a recurrent viral surge (resulting from a mutated strain) which seems to be steeper than the last. Vulnerable elderly people and front-line staff are actively being vaccinated, but we seem... Read More

Call for Members to support the ACCEA scoring for ABCD

Dr Susannah Rowles, Secretary ABCD
Thursday, 7th January 2021
Calling all ABCD members who hold a National Clinical Excellence Award (CEA) award….. Your help is needed urgently! CEA’s were paused during 2020 due to the pandemic but now the process for citation and ranking of applications has been... Read More

Launch of ABCD worldwide audit of testosterone deficiency in men with type 2 diabetes

Dr Bob Ryder (Website Co-ordinator, Clinical Lead, ABCD Nationwide Audits)
Thursday, 17th December 2020
This week at the ABCD Conference 2020, ABCD is pleased to announce the launch of the ABCD worldwide audit of testosterone deficiency in men with type 2 diabetes.  The condition has a high prevalence - 40% of men with type 2 diabetes have... Read More

Diabetes UK Clinical Champions Announced

Dr Dipesh Patel
Wednesday, 2nd December 2020
Diabetes UK have announced the new cohort of clinical champions to help transform services and improve local care. You may recognise some of your colleagues in the list, please do wish them well and provide local support.

ABCD Integrated Diabetes Survey

Dinesh Nagi, ABCD Ex-Officio Chair
Wednesday, 2nd December 2020
ABCD executive team will be delighted if you can complete this short survey which is designed to gain some early insight into the state of integrated care, both clinical as well as supported by IT in the UK. In addition, we are keen to find out... Read More

DTN-UK Survey

Professor Pratik Choudhary and Dr Sufyan Hussain
Wednesday, 18th November 2020
For the past 6 months or so, we have all been working under exceptional circumstances and in very different ways. In terms of technology and diabetes. We know there have been moves towards virtual working to different degrees in different... Read More

ABCD Welcomes the Publication of GIRFT report in Diabetes sub speciality

Dinesh Nagi, ABCD Ex-Officio Chair
Tuesday, 17th November 2020
ABCD welcomes the publication of the final GIRFT report for Diabetes, which was released on world Diabetes Day. ABCD has been fully supportive of the primary aims of the GIRFT workstream, namely to improve quality of diabetes care in hospitals, and... Read More

ABCD DTN-UK endorses the International Consensus on Time in Range

Emma Wilmot, ABCD Committee
Tuesday, 17th November 2020
  Last year Tadej Battelino and colleagues published the International Consensus on time in range which can be found here: These international guidelines, combined with... Read More

The British Journal of Diabetes Quality Improvement in Diabetes Award 2021 - deadline extended until 30th June 2021

Dr Marie-France Kong, Editor BJD
Thursday, 12th November 2020
The British Journal of Diabetes, in conjunction with the Association of British Clinical Diabetologists (ABCD) and the Young Diabetologist and Endocrinologist Forum (YDEF) are pleased to announce the launch of our inaugural quality improvement in... Read More

Society for Endocrinology Offers advice for Clinical services during 2nd Wave of COVID-19

Dinesh Nagi, ABCD Ex-Officio Chair
Friday, 6th November 2020
We are well into the undesirable 2nd wave of COVID-19 and hospitals are filling up with increasing numbers of patients require hospital services. Clearly, at times like this it is important that Diabetes and Endocrine teams maintain essential... Read More

Glooko Announces New Medical Education Programme In Collaboration with the Diabetes Technology Network (DTN)

Tuesday, 3rd November 2020
New education platform focuses on diabetes technology training, data management and remote patient monitoring (RPM) Glooko AB ("Glooko" or "The Company") today announced, in partnership with the Diabetes Technology... Read More

NICE recommends new treatment option for adults with obesity and non-diabetic hyperglycaemia who have a high risk of cardiovascular disease

Dr Dipesh Patel
Monday, 2nd November 2020
NICE approve Saxenda injections (GLP-1 therapy) for people with pre-diabetes who have BMI of at least 35 kg/m2 and high cardiovascular risk. Further details outlined on NICE website: Read More

Illuminating Recent Treatment Aspects in Diabetes - The Fifth London Symposium

Professor Michael D Feher
Friday, 16th October 2020
The London Symposium has been a successful whole-day Symposium on the latest aspects of diagnosis and treatments specific to Diabetes. Due to the pandemic, the Symposium has been converted into three separate webinars covering several... Read More

CaReMe group leaflet for people with diabetes

Dr Umesh Dashora, ABCD Meeting Secretary
Tuesday, 13th October 2020
Cardiology, Renal and Metabolic (CaReMe) group have produced a very helpful leaflet for people with diabetes on SGLT-2 inhibitors. SGLT-2 inhibitors are being increasingly used in people with type 2 diabetes to improve diabetes control with... Read More

ABCD and the Renal Association consensus document on screening for kidney disease

Dr Peter Winocour
Tuesday, 13th October 2020
  It is vital that all health care professionals understand why cardiac and renal risk require BOTH measurement of urine albumin creatinine ratios AS WELL as eGFR. ABCD and the Renal Association, along with ... Read More

The ABCD Diabetes and COVID National Diabetes Audit is still live

Dr Rustam Rea
Thursday, 8th October 2020
The ABCD Diabetes and COVID National Diabetes Audit is still live.  We have collected data from over 30 hospitals and over 1600 people admitted to hospital with diabetes who have had COVID in the last 9 months.  The first analysis... Read More

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