ABCD Committee

The day-to-day activity of ABCD is led by an executive supported to the ABCD committee.  The executive consists of Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Meetings Secretary and the previous Chairman. The committee comprises of elected members and co-opted members who are brought in to support the committee because of their specialist knowledge, role within ABCD or their role outside of the organisation. You can view the details of the current committee below.  Click the relevant link to view a short biography of the committee member and for a link to email the committee member. For more information on the current committee and to see previous ABCD committees click here.

ABCD Officers

Dipesh Patel

Honorary Meetings Secretary

Dinesh Nagi

Honorary Chairman

Russell Drummond

Honorary General Secretary

Anthony Robinson

Honorary Treasurer

Committee Members

Karen Adamson  

Scottish Representative

Ana Pokrajac

Committee Member

Marc Atkin

Committee Member

Gerry Rayman

Co-opted member
Diabetes UK

Ansu Basu

Committee member 
Elected 2017

Sam Rice

Welsh Representative

Umesh Dashora

News Editor, BJD

Susannah Rowles

Co-opted Lead
Transitional Care

Marie France-Kong

Acting Editor, BJD

Bob Ryder

Co-opted Website Co-ordinator & Clinical Lead
Nationwide Audits of New Diabetes Therapies

Alison Gallagher

Committee Member

Thozhukat Sathyapalan

Academic Consultant within 10 years 
of Appointment

Ian Gallen

Lead on Driving Issues

Patrick Sharp

Co-Opted Type 1 Lead

Stella George

Workforce Co-Ordinator

Alan Sinclair

Lead of ACCEA

Vijay Jayagopal

Committee member

Elected 2017

Baldev Singh

Lead Mentorship Programme
Chair, education & Development Sub-Committee

Hugh Jones

Chair, Academic Sub-Committee                 

Jonathan Valabhji

Co-opted member
National Clinical Director Obesity & Diabetes

John Lindsay 

Northern Ireland Representative

Chris Walton

Ex-Officio Chairman

Andrew Macklin

Chair, Information & Communication 

Emma Wilmot

Insulin Pump Network Chair

Munachiso Nwokolo

YDEF/SpR Representative

Peter Winocour

Co-Opted member
Lead Renal Network