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Shaun Carpenter

Expert with Experience

photograph of Professor Pratik Choudhary
Professor Pratik Choudhary


photograph of Dr. Thomas Crabtree
Dr. Thomas Crabtree

YDEF Representative

photograph of Dr. Iain Cranston
Dr. Iain Cranston

photograph of Professor Ketan Dhatariya
Professor Ketan Dhatariya

Chair of ABCD

photograph of Dr. Jackie Elliott
Dr. Jackie Elliott

photograph of Professor Mark Evans
Professor Mark Evans

photograph of Mrs. Geraldine Gallen
Mrs. Geraldine Gallen

Educator and Co-Vice Chair

photograph of Dr. Fraser Gibb
Dr. Fraser Gibb

Scottish Representative

Dr. Una Graham

Northern Ireland Representative

photograph of Dr. Peter Hammond
Dr. Peter Hammond

photograph of Dr. Sufyan Hussain
Dr. Sufyan Hussain

Co Vice Chair

photograph of Mrs. Amy Jolley
Mrs. Amy Jolley


photograph of Dr. Alistair Lumb
Dr. Alistair Lumb


photograph of Dr. Julia Platts
Dr. Julia Platts

Mark Robinson

ACDC Representative

photograph of Professor Eleanor Scott
Professor Eleanor Scott

photograph of Mr. Tim Street
Mr. Tim Street

Expert with Experience

Miss Hannah Sutton

Expert with Experience

photograph of Dr. Emma Wilmot
Dr. Emma Wilmot

Become a Member of the DTN-UK

The DTN-UK is designed to support UK health care professionals who are involved in the delivery of technologies designed to improve the lives of people living with diabetes. Healthcare professionals working in diabetes are welcome to register as a member of the DTN-UK. The education resources and best practice guides are free to access for all.

Woman cheerfully talking to colleague at and event