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Launch of ABCD International Do-It-Yourself Artificial Pancreas System (DIY APS) audit

Emma Wilmot, Clinical Lead, ABCD DIY APS Audit
Thursday, 23rd July 2020
ABCD is pleased to announce the launch of the ABCD International Do-It-Yourself Artificial Pancreas System (DIY APS) audit and would like to invite you to take part. Over recent years there has been an exponential increase in the number of... Read More

Launch of the Covid-19 and diabetes ABCD national audit

Dr Bob Ryder Clinical Lead, ABCD Nationwide Audits
Thursday, 16th July 2020
We may have passed the initial peak of Covid-19, but we are only starting to understand the impact of Covid-19 on people living with diabetes.   Sadly, almost a third of those who died during the pandemic in the UK had diabetes. Data... Read More

Diabetes Care publishes ABCD Freestyle Libre Audit outcomes

Professor Thozhukat Sathyapalan, Clinical Lead, ABCD Nationwide FSL Audit
Wednesday, 15th July 2020
The use of FreeStyle Libre by people with Type 1 Diabetes in the UK is associated with significantly improved glycaemic control and Hypoglycaemic awareness as well as reduced Diabetes distress and few hospital admissions According to the... Read More

ABCD meetings in 2020

Dr Dipesh Patel, ABCD Chair
Tuesday, 7th July 2020
Due to COVID-19, the 2020 ABCD Regional Meetings in Yorkshire and the Midlands, the DTN Meeting and the ABCD Conference will be delivered as virtual events. We will update the website with further details as soon as they are available. We are... Read More

Get ready for Insulin Safety Week 6-12 July 2020

Susannah Rowles, ABCD Honorary Secretary
Friday, 3rd July 2020
Insulin Safety Week 2020 will take place across the UK and Ireland, raising awareness in a bid to reduce insulin errors among healthcare professionals. The campaign aims to raise awareness of insulin safety among healthcare professionals.... Read More

ABCD Election Results

Dipesh Patel, ABCD Chair
Thursday, 2nd July 2020
I am delighted announce the results from the recent ABCD election. We were fortunate to have several worthy candidates standing for two committee positions which were available. I would like to congratulate both Professor... Read More

DTN-UK launch Best Practice Guide for Diabetes Technology in Pregnancy

Pratik Choudhary, DTN-UK Chair
Tuesday, 30th June 2020
DTN-UK are very pleased to announce the launch of the Best Practice Guide for Diabetes Technology in Pregnancy. Written by the leading experts in pregnancy in type 1 diabetes in the UK, the guide has useful tips, guidance and details about... Read More

Defining the Future of Endocrine Services in the UK

Dr Dinesh Nagi, ABCD Ex-Officio Chair
Tuesday, 30th June 2020
The Society for Endocrinology has set up a work stream called  “Defining the Future of Endocrinology working group”, in the post Covid era. This parallels work being currently done by ABCD on the “Roadmap to Recovery for adult... Read More

CAREME guidance for CVD and primary care physicians

Dipesh Patel, ABCD Chair
Friday, 26th June 2020
I am delighted to share this document which is a result of collaborative working by a number of UK specialist and primary care bodies. The summarised guidance is for cardiovascular risk optimisation in people with type 2 diabetes and CVD... Read More

ABCD issues Recovery Guidance

Dinesh Nagi, ABCD Ex-Officio Chair
Wednesday, 24th June 2020
A Quick guidance to Risk Stratification and recovery of Diabetes Services in the post – Covid-19 Era ABCD has issued interim guidance for the recovery of diabetes services in the post Covid-era. The government has announced the plans... Read More

DPC Summer Forum - ADA in Practice

Dipesh Patel, ABCD Chair
Tuesday, 23rd June 2020
The DPC Summer Forum - ADA into practice will decipher the main outcomes from the ADA Scientific Conference. This series of digital panel sessions is designed for all healthcare professionals from the diabetes MDT - in line with... Read More

Quality in Care Diabetes - 2 weeks to entry deadline

Dipesh Patel, ABCD Chair
Thursday, 18th June 2020
Now in it’s tenth year, QiC Diabetes recognises, rewards and shares innovative practice demonstrating quality in diabetes management, education and services for people with diabetes and/or their families. Share your inspiration... Read More

ABCD UK nationwide Freestyle Libre Audit team reveal new data at ADA demonstrating better glucose control and fewer hospital admissions for people with Type 1 diabetes

Dr Chris Walton (ex Officio Chairman)
Tuesday, 16th June 2020
NEW ABCD AUDIT DATA demonstrate better glucose control and fewer hospital admissions for people with type 1 diabetes using the FLASH glucose monitoring system People in the UK living with Type 1 diabetes who use the FreeStyle Libre system... Read More

Donation of Freestyle Libre Sensors

Dr Pratik Choudhary, DTN-UK Chair
Wednesday, 10th June 2020
We are really pleased to announce that following a request to Abbott Diabetes Care from the Diabetes Technology Network, Abbott’s Diabetes Care division have very kindly donated 6500 FreeStyle Libre sensors to be used by NHS Trusts during the... Read More

Opportunity for ABCD Members feedback on the forthcoming ADA conference

Dipesh Patel, ABCD Chair
Monday, 8th June 2020
An opportunity for our consultants to feedback valuable nuggets from the forthcoming ADA conference on 12-16th June has become available via the Diabetes Professional Conference (DPC). This would take an interview style format in an... Read More

BJD Editorial: Supporting people with diabetes during the COVID-19 pandemic without face-to-face appointments

Dinesh Nagi, ABCD Ex-Officio Chair
Thursday, 28th May 2020
The British Journal of Diabetes (BJD) has published an Editorial "Supporting people with diabetes during the COVID-19 pandemic without face-to-face appointments" which is available online now. Read this important editorial authored by ... Read More

Diabetes UK urges people with diabetes to look after their feet

Andrew Macklin, ABCD Honorary Treasurer
Wednesday, 27th May 2020
Diabetes complications can still arise, even with the country in lockdown. It is important that people with diabetes take care of their feet and seek medical help if they see any early signs of a problem. Diabetes foot services are still... Read More

RCP Excellence in Patient Care Awards 2020 Winners Announced

Andrew Macklin
Thursday, 21st May 2020
The Royal College of Physicians (RCP) have recently announced the winners of the RCP Excellence in Patient Care Awards 2020 #EPCA2020 We are delighted to congratulate our colleagues, led by Dr Emma Wilmot, who have won the digital... Read More

ABCD workgroup start work on guidance for the recovery of Diabetes Services

Dinesh Nagi
Wednesday, 20th May 2020
As we enter the beginning of the end of the first phase of coronavirus epidemic, clinical teams both in specialist centres and primary care need to start focussing on recovery of diabetes services with immediate effect. Specialist teams... Read More

Relationship between diabetes and COVID-19

Dinesh Nagi
Friday, 15th May 2020
ABCD is alarmed by NHS data reports that a quarter of those who sadly died from Covid-19 had diabetes. News published by media outlets yesterday, it was reported that between 31 March and 12 May, 5,873 people with diabetes died,... Read More

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