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Share your thoughts on our new aims and objectives

We are pleased to share our proposed new aims and objectives for ABCD.

Aims and Objectives

  • To ensure all people living with diabetes receive the highest standards of care and to work with other key stakeholders to achieve this
  • To produce high-quality diabetes-related guidelines, policies and position statements to support healthcare professionals and commissioners
  • To promote careers in diabetes for healthcare professionals and researchers
  • To provide expert clinical and strategic advice at a local, national and international level to ensure healthcare needs of people living with diabetes are met
  • To support diabetes-related training and research
  • To ensure the equality and diversity of our membership is respected and championed
  • To support our members to enjoy happy, productive and fruitful careers as consultant diabetologists

Share your thoughts

If you have any suggestions or amendments to these aims and objectives, do let us know by emailing