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New Chair of ABCD Announced

Ketan Dhatariya

We are pleased to announce that Professor Ketan Dhatariya will be the new Chair of ABCD, Ketan will take over from Dr Dipesh Patel when he completes his term of office in June 2023.

Professor Ketan Dhatariya has been a full time NHS consultant since 2004. His goal is to ensure the care for people with diabetes improves, which he has strived to do in the roles he has held in the UK. Ketan is currently the Chair of the Joint British Diabetes Societies Inpatient Care Group where he has led or co-authored several national guidelines on the management of various aspects of inpatient diabetes care including the management of DKA as well as the guideline on peri-operative diabetes care. He is also the Chair of the Examining Board for the UK Specialist Clinical Exam in Diabetes and Endocrinology, as well as the immediate past president of the Diabetes and Endocrine Section of the Royal Society of Medicine. Ketan joined ABCD as a member in 2004 and has been a committee member for 9 years.

The chair's role is to provide clear leadership of the ABCD committee and for its membership, working to ABCD's aims and objectives:

  • To ensure all people living with diabetes receive the highest standards of care and to work with other key stakeholders to achieve this
  • To produce high-quality diabetes-related guidelines, policies and position statements to support healthcare professionals and commissioners
  • To promote careers in diabetes for healthcare professionals and researchers
  • To provide expert clinical and strategic advice at a local, national and international level to ensure healthcare needs of people living with diabetes are met
  • To support diabetes-related training and research
  • To ensure the equality and diversity of our membership is respected and championed
  • To support our members to enjoy happy, productive and fruitful careers as consultant diabetologists