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Stakeholder Working Group invitation

Breastfeeding support for women with multimorbidity.

Are you a specialist nurse, consultant or higher specialty trainee with an interest in diabetes and pregnancy?

Are you interested in joining a Stakeholder Working Group looking at how women with multiple, long-term conditions in the UK can be supported to breastfeed?

The University of Dundee are looking for a diabetes specialist nurse, consultant diabetologist/endocrinologist or higher specialty trainee working in the UK with experience of supporting women with multiple, long-term conditions to breastfeed, to join their project's Stakeholder Working Group.

The Action4Breastfeeding Study, led by the University of Dundee, is working with stakeholders across the UK to co-produce an NHS-tailored implementation strategy and evaluation framework to support women in the UK to breastfeed. As part of this, they are looking at how women with multiple, long-term conditions can be supported to breastfeed. The project team are currently reviewing the published evidence on the effectiveness of interventions to support women with long-term conditions to breastfeed. The project team will then work with the Stakeholder Working Group to look at how this evidence can be applied in the NHS setting.

Being a part of the working group will involve taking part in two Stakeholder Working Group meetings, held online. The first will be in late September 2022 and the second in late October 2022. It is expected each meeting to last a maximum of 2 hours. No preparation is required, just experience of working with women with long-term conditions who breastfeed or who would like to breastfeed. If you are unable to attend the group meetings, we can arrange one-to-one meetings instead.

For further information

Download this document to learn more.

If you’re interested in joining the Stakeholder Working Group or would like further information, please contact Dr Laura Hay, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, School of Health Sciences, University of Dundee,