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EXTOD Conference for Adults with Type 1 Diabetes

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Saturday 11th November 2023, Oxford.

EXTOD Conference for Adults with Type 1 Diabetes returns in 2023!

Exercising for Type 1 Diabetes (EXTOD) are offering a 1-day education programme focusing on managing glucose around exercise for adults living with Type 1 diabetes.

This interactive programme was developed after EXTOD surveys found that people with Type 1 diabetes find managing glucose around exercise challenging and requested further education on this subject.

How does the course work?

Prior to the course we will ask you to watch a few videos to prepare you for the course.

On the day your will, be provided with a course book and attend 4 workshops. In the small workshops, 14-20 people with Type 1 diabetes and two experts in the field of diabetes and exercise will use interactive tools, clinical cases, shared learning and problem-based tasks to help you to learn. The workshops will support you to manage you exercise choices confidently and safely. Topics covered will include the effects of different types of exercise on blood glucose levels, the rule of threes for managing glucose around exercise, tips on nutrition and exercise, how diabetes technology can support exercising safely, and strategies to plan for exercise.

After the course your will be given access to our website where you will find a summary of the things that you have learnt on the course and videos that you can watch to consolidate your learning.


Who should attend?

Why should you attend?

Adults living with Type 1 diabetes who are on multiple daily injections, insulin pumps or 
Hybrid closed loop who exercise regularly or are planning to start to train for a specific event.

If you attend, you will:

  • Develop your knowledge.
  • Learn new ideas to put into practice.
  • Develop knowledge and tools to use on any activity/exercise in the future.
  • Get access to online learning materials and videos

We can accept young people aged 16-18 years of age on this course however they must be accompanied by an adult on the day.  Please contact if you would like more information


The conference has been instigated and organised by ABCD and EXTOD. Sponsors have contributed funding towards this event in return for exhibition space. They have had no input into the agenda or the selection of speakers with the exception of any sponsored symposia which are clearly indicated.

The EXercise for Type 1 Diabetes (EXTOD) program aims to provide evidence-based support for people with type 1 diabetes to undertake safe and effective exercise, and to enjoy its associated health benefits. EXTOD was set up by Rob Andrews and Parth Narendran in 2011 and is now recognised and active both in the UK and abroad. For more information please visit:
The Association of British Clinical Diabetologists (ABCD Diabetes Care Ltd) is the national organisation of Consultant Physicians in Britain who specialise in the management of Diabetes Mellitus. ABCD was established in 1997 with the principal objective of ensuring high quality care for all UK diabetes patients. ABCD is a professional organisation committed to the preservation and support of diabetes specialist care services through the provision of research, education and ongoing professional development. For more information visit