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Professor Parth Narendran

image of Professor Parth Narendran
Image: Professor Parth Narendran

University of Birmingham and The Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham

Parth Narendran is based at the University of Birmingham, and at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham. He qualified from Kings College London and undertook his post-graduate clinical training in Manchester, Bristol and London. He conducted his PhD studies on the immune mechanisms underlying the development of type 1 diabetes whilst at Bristol. He was subsequently awarded a JDRF post-doctoral fellowship in Melbourne, Australia.
Parth’s clinical interests focus on type 1 diabetes and he supports the type 1 services at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham. These include a structured education programme called Dose Adjustment for Normal Eating (DAFNE), the adolescent transition, insulin pump, glucose sensing and islet/pancreas transplant services. Supporting patients to exercise is a core interest of the service.
Parth’s research interests also focus on type 1 diabetes. He has a long-standing interest in preserving the function of insulin producing pancreatic beta cells in type 1 diabetes. More recently he has been involved programmes for detecting people at risk of getting type 1 diabetes so that they can be offered clinical trials for prevention of this condition.