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Total Pancreatectomy with Islet Autotransplantation approved by NHS England

Rob Gregory - Ex-officio Chair, ABCD Committee
Tuesday, 10th July 2018
Thanks to support from ABCD and others Total Pancreatectomy with Islet Autotransplantation (TPIAT) has been approved by NHS England for funding from April 2019 under ‘Highly Specialised Commissioning’.  A provider selection process will be... Read More

ABCD research and audit at the ADA

Dr Bob Ryder (Website Co-ordinator, Clinical Lead, ABCD Nationwide Audits)
Wednesday, 27th June 2018
ABCD has three posters at the current American Diabetes Association meeting in Orlando, Florida. The latest data from the ABCD study of Endobarrier in diabetes or pre-diabetes with obstructive sleep apnoea (End-OSA study) shows that 11/12... Read More

Diabetic medicine to publish JBDS guidelines on In-patient diabetes in the Aug 2018

Dinesh Nagi, Chairman ABCD
Thursday, 21st June 2018
The Joint British Diabetes Societies (JBDS) of which ABCD is an integral member, has informed us of the plans for Diabetic Medicine to devote the August issue to publish the in-patient guidelines and other important papers. This... Read More

Yes: Language does matter

Dinesh Nagi, Chairman ABCD
Thursday, 21st June 2018
NHS England  has recently published the document “Language  Matters – diabetes Language”. I first became aware of this simple but fascinating area pioneered in the USA and Australia with their inspirational work, when I attended... Read More


Stella George Co-opted Workforce Co-ordinator
Monday, 18th June 2018
As you will be aware the Joint British Diabetes Society (JBDS) guideline for the use of Variable Rate Intravenous Insulin Infusion (VRIII) was published in late 2014 and we hope it has become firmly embedded in practice in acute trusts throughout... Read More

Making Type 2 diabetes trials more effective – have your say on the most important results of treatment

Professor John Wilding (ABCD Member)
Friday, 18th May 2018
• A recent systematic review of clinical trials for type 2 diabetes found that no single outcome was measured in all trials. HERE • A new EU HORIZON 2020 funded study wants to find out what the most important results of treatment for Type 2... Read More

First National Survey of the diabetes education and training needs of midwives in the UK

Umesh Dashora (ABCD Committee Member, News editor, BJD)
Tuesday, 15th May 2018
The findings of a nationwide survey of the diabetes education and training needs of midwives in the UK is now available in full on the ABCD website. HERE The survey was commissioned by Diabetes Care Trust and is the result of work pioneered... Read More

Questionnaire to assess the care of 16-18 year olds presenting with DKA

Ketan Dhatariya (ABCD Member)
Thursday, 3rd May 2018
The care of 16-18 year olds presenting with DKA is fraught with difficulty. Whilst they may have their outpatient care in the children and young persons department, if they are admitted to hospital, their care maybe delivered by a  number of... Read More

Winners of the Rowan Hillson safety award (2017): Best Digital Initiative (Joint British Diabetes Societies for Inpatient Care)

Professor Mike Sampson (Chair JBDS-IP)
Monday, 16th April 2018
This is to announce the results of this national competition for ‘the best digital initiative’. We are very grateful to Dr Rowan Hillson and her fellow judges, Dr Ketan Dhatariya, Dr Clare Crowley,Erwin Castro and Oliver Jelley for their time in... Read More

Top 10 tips for coding in diabetes...

Dinesh Nagi, Chairman ABCD
Wednesday, 21st March 2018
  1. Always include “diabetes” as a diagnosis in inpatients Even if not the primary reason for admission, specify that the patient has diabetes and the specific type. This affects the complication score (the “cc score”) affecting... Read More

John Wales Memorial Lecture

Dinesh Nagi, Chairman ABCD
Monday, 19th March 2018
It is my pleasure to announce that the first “John Wales Memorial Lecture” will be delivered by Dr Peter Winocour at the spring meeting of ABCD in Glasgow. 'Delivering better diabetes care - it's about time!’ I hope you will be able to join us... Read More

Diabetes UK 2018 - snippets

Caroline Day (Consultant Editor, BJD)
Friday, 16th March 2018
If you didn’t manage to attend the 2018 Diabetes UK APC   go to the App store and  download  the meeting  App (DUKPC).  It will give you a flavour of the meeting and access to the Abstracts.  Below are summaries of... Read More

New BJD Editor-in-Chief

Dinesh Nagi, Chairman ABCD
Tuesday, 13th March 2018
ABCD is delighted to  announce the appointment of Dr Marie-France Kong to  the post of Editor-in-Chief  of British Journal of Diabetes (BJD). Dr Kong works as a Consultant in Diabetes and Endocrinology at Leicester Royal Infirmary and... Read More

New ABCD honorary treasurer

Dinesh Nagi, Chairman ABCD
Monday, 26th February 2018
After canvassing the membership interest from four excellent candidates was expressed and an election was held.  I am delighted to announce that Dr Andy Macklin was successfully elected and will be shadowing Tony Robinson, our current treasurer... Read More

Final reminder and joining instructions for the Type 1 Collaborative Webinar

Rob Gregory - Ex-officio Chair, ABCD Committee
Friday, 23rd February 2018
  Joining Instructions to see this important webinar on “FLASH GLUCOSE MONITORING & CONTINUOUS GLUCOSE MONITORING” Tuesday 27th February 2018 5.00 – 6.00pm Agenda & speakers; • Introducing the TI Clinical Collaborative... Read More

Type 1 Collaborative Webinar

Rob Gregory - Ex-officio Chair, ABCD Committee
Thursday, 15th February 2018
  A must see webinar on: "Flash Glucose Monitoring & Continuous Glucose Monitoring" Tuesday 27th February 5.00 – 6.00pm Agenda & Speakers: • Introducing the TI Clinical Collaborative Dr Rob... Read More

NHS England highlights progress in commissioning local diabetes services

Susannah Rowles (ABCD Committee Member)
Tuesday, 6th February 2018
NHS England has published the Clinical Commissioning Group Improvement and Assessment Framework (CCGIAF) results for local diabetes services in 2016/17. The Framework shows how local CCGs are performing against criteria across a number of... Read More

News from the APPG for Diabetes

Ana Pokrajac (ABCD Committee Member and Diabetes UK National Clinical Champion)
Tuesday, 6th February 2018
  APPG for Diabetes Meeting on the Childhood Obesity Plan A meeting of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Diabetes took place to discuss where the current Childhood Obesity Strategy has been effective and... Read More

ACCEA announcement

Professor Alan Sinclair, ABCD Committee member - Lead for ACCEA
Wednesday, 31st January 2018
Please be aware that the 2018 Clinical Excellence Awards round will open on 13th February and close on the 12th April 2018. As before I will be happy to receive copies of your applications for national awards in order to... Read More

Letter from NHS England - access to technology in Type 1 diabetes

Dinesh Nagi, Chairman ABCD
Wednesday, 31st January 2018
Please see the communication received from NHS England in relation to their position and guidance for many topics regarding access to technology in Type 1 diabetes. This is a very topical issues and I believe will be an important document to ... Read More

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