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ABCD nationwide FreeStyle Libre audit first data deadline passes successfully – now the audit continues

Dr Bob Ryder (Website Co-ordinator, Clinical Lead, ABCD Nationwide Audits)
Thursday, 20th December 2018
We wish to thank all those who worked so hard to submit data in time for our first deadline, and we are pleased to inform you that we had 216 users from 127 sites in 100 centres contributing data on 2869 patients. Analyses are now being... Read More

Diabetes UK warns of increasing number of children and young adults with Type 2 Diabetes

Dr Ansu Basu ABCD Elected Committee Member
Wednesday, 5th December 2018
Diabetes UK has published a new analysis highlighting that 6,836 children and young adults are reported to have Type 2 diabetes in England and Wales. This figure is far higher than the 715 children and young people under the age of 25 receiving... Read More

RCP council representation

Dinesh Nagi, Chair ABCD
Friday, 30th November 2018
I am delighted to announce that Dr Robert Gregory, Consultant in Diabetes and Endocrinology at Leicester Royal Infirmary, has been unanimously chosen to represent the three societies on the RCP council.  Dr Gregory takes over from... Read More

NHS England announces action to reduce variation in access to flash glucose monitoring

Emma Wilmot, Chair, Diabetes Technology Network
Thursday, 29th November 2018
Simon Stevens, the Chief Executive of NHS England has announced that from April 2019, all patients who qualify for access to the flash glucose monitoring device, FreeStyle Libre, will be able to receive it on prescription from their local GP or... Read More

Drugs used in diabetes now make up 11.4% of total primary care net ingredient costs

Ana Pokrajac (ABCD Committee Member and Diabetes UK National Clinical Champion)
Wednesday, 14th November 2018
NHS England have published their latest data on the prescriptions issued in primary care and dispensed in the community in the treatment of diabetes. The report finds that drugs used in diabetes now make up 11.4% of total primary care net... Read More

Understanding Diabetes Campaign Launches

Dinesh Nagi, Chairman ABCD
Wednesday, 14th November 2018
We recently worked with Mediaplanet UK on the 2018 Understanding Diabetes Campaign. A printed publication was enclosed within every copy of The Guardian newspaper and the content available online also at Read More

Rowan Hillson Inpatient Safety Award 2018

Professor Mike Sampson (Chair JBDS-IP)
Thursday, 1st November 2018
We are inviting colleagues to submit entries to this years competition which will be for the ‘Best Inpatient Educational Diabetes Programme for Health Care Professionals. This JBDS – IP project is being led by Umesh Dashora, Debbie... Read More

ABCD nationwide audit at the EASD

Dr Bob Ryder (Website Co-ordinator, Clinical Lead, ABCD Nationwide Audits)
Monday, 15th October 2018
Poster 1, poster 2 and interview. Two posters from the ABCD nationwide audit programme were presented at the EASD in Berlin between 2nd and 5th October 2018. Dr Amar Puttanna presented data from the canagliflozin audit looking at the impact of... Read More

Latest data on EndoBarrier treatment from the EASD

Dr Chris Walton (ex Officio Chairman)
Monday, 15th October 2018
ePoster and interview.  In the wake of the two studies with EndoBarrier sponsored by ABCD (click here) Dr Bob Ryder established an NHS service to give EndoBarrier treatment in 2014 and 62 EndoBarriers were implanted as part of this. At the... Read More

NICE impact report on diabetes

Dinesh Nagi, Chair ABCD
Friday, 28th September 2018
NICE has published a new impact report on diabetes.  This explores how NICE guidence has been implemented by the healthcare system and what progress has been made to improve outcomes for those with diabetes or at risk of developing... Read More

NICE medical technology guidance publication: Neuropad for detecting preclinical diabetic peripheral neuropathy

Dinesh Nagi, Chairman ABCD
Wednesday, 12th September 2018
The final NICE medical technologies guidance on Neuropad for detecting preclinical diabetic peripheral neuropathy has been published. You can find the guidance on the NICE website here: 

Feedback from Type 1 services

Dinesh Nagi, Chair, ABCD
Thursday, 30th August 2018
Feedback from the most successful Type 1 specialist services is now available from the National Diabetes Audit

The Type 1 diabetes resource platform

Dr Dinesh Nagi, Chair ABCD
Wednesday, 29th August 2018
The Type 1 diabetes resource platform has been launched by NHS England - a piece of work mostly done by those living with Type 1 diabetes - and aimed at being a platform of self management, links to peer support, etc.

Launch Of The ABCD Nationwide FreeStyle Libre Audit Online Tool

Professor Thozhukat Sathyapalan, Clinical Lead, ABCD Nationwide FSL Audit
Friday, 24th August 2018
We are delighted to announce that after a considerable amount of work over several months, the audit tool for the FreeStyle Libre is now live and can be accessed by people who have registered for the audit at the following link: http://... Read More

JBDS VRIII audit- deadline extended ot 30th September

Stella George Co-opted Workforce Co-ordinator
Tuesday, 21st August 2018
You will be aware that JBDS have launched an audit of the medical VRIII guideline to look into its safety and inform any possible changes for the second version. We have received 50 replies so far ( 5 audit forms from 10 trusts) and we would be... Read More

3rd ABCD Clinical and Commissioning News Live event available to view on-line

Rob Gregory - Ex-officio Chair, ABCD Committee
Tuesday, 31st July 2018
Don’t miss out! The morning sessions of the third ABCD Clinical and Commissioning News-Live event ‘Innovation into ICS/STP Implementation’ held on 12th July are now available on line as a webcast, but only until 11th August.  Those who were... Read More

26% of people with coronary heart disease have diabetes according to British Heart Foundation

Alison Gallagher - Elected Committee member
Tuesday, 31st July 2018
In its latest research, the British Heart Foundation has highlighted that 90% of people living with coronary heart disease have at least one other long-term condition, while 60% have at least three. The analysis revealed that the most common... Read More

Total Pancreatectomy with Islet Autotransplantation approved by NHS England

Rob Gregory - Ex-officio Chair, ABCD Committee
Tuesday, 10th July 2018
Thanks to support from ABCD and others Total Pancreatectomy with Islet Autotransplantation (TPIAT) has been approved by NHS England for funding from April 2019 under ‘Highly Specialised Commissioning’.  A provider selection process will be... Read More

ABCD research and audit at the ADA

Dr Bob Ryder (Website Co-ordinator, Clinical Lead, ABCD Nationwide Audits)
Wednesday, 27th June 2018
ABCD has three posters at the current American Diabetes Association meeting in Orlando, Florida. The latest data from the ABCD study of Endobarrier in diabetes or pre-diabetes with obstructive sleep apnoea (End-OSA study) shows that 11/12... Read More

Diabetic medicine to publish JBDS guidelines on In-patient diabetes in the Aug 2018

Dinesh Nagi, Chairman ABCD
Thursday, 21st June 2018
The Joint British Diabetes Societies (JBDS) of which ABCD is an integral member, has informed us of the plans for Diabetic Medicine to devote the August issue to publish the in-patient guidelines and other important papers. This... Read More

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