DTN-UK Update: Coronavirus

Dr Alistair Lumb
Date of the announcement: 
Thursday, 2 April, 2020

We at DTN-UK hope that you are managing in the current challenging environment. We have been continuing to work hard this week to ensure ongoing support for clinical teams at this busy time. Many of us are getting pulled away from specialty diabetes work, and so our efforts have been to ensure as much continuity for our patients as possible. Here are some key messages from this week:

  1. Do you get consumables delivered to your hospital?

At DTN-UK we have been made aware that some centres have been having diabetes technology supplies delivered to the clinical site rather than directly to users. This arrangement carries a significant risk of a breakdown in supply during the Covid-19 outbreak. Any centres with such an arrangement in place are urged to contact their suppliers as a matter of urgency, to ensure that supplies can be delivered directly to people with diabetes. If anybody is experiencing problems with adjusting such arrangements, could they please contact DTN-UK urgently, and we will do our best to support you in ensuring ongoing supply of consumables for your patients.

  1. Supply chain

None of the technology companies are anticipating significant disruption to their supply chains in the near future, please see this joint statement. We ask people not to attempt to stockpile consumables, this is unnecessary. Short term delivery delays seen this week with some items are the result of stockpiling in other countries which is now being managed.

  1. Billing

We are working with companies to obtain guarantees that supplies won’t be stopped in the event that Purchase Orders are delayed.

  1. Warranties

As already communicated, we would like to reiterate that all out -of -warranty pumps will be supported

  1. Remote starts

Freestyle Libre, Dexcom and Medtronic sensor starts will be supported through on-line support from the companies. Medtronic will also be offering a remote pump upgrade service. Please contact the companies for more details about these services.

  1. Help-line

We are supporting efforts from NHS England to create a coordinated helpline to provide support for people with diabetes. We understand that centres are unlikely to be able to offer support as they would normally, and this would be aimed at helping access advice including to avoid the need for admission. Please see the ABCD website for useful resources for healthcare professionals and for resources for people with diabetes.

Information for HCPs

COVID-19 Information for Healthcare Professionals