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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Information for Healthcare Professionals

The coronavirus outbreak is a rapidly developing situation. Please visit the NHS website for the most up-to-date information for people in the UK.

There is very rapidly evolving data concerning Covid-19 and we will try and keep our members appraised of the lasted evidence based, specialist society supported, information. One of the most useful things that we can do is to ensure that patients are very well educated as to “sick day rules”, and which medications to “pause” at times of inter-current illness (which is covered in out SGLT2 document).

The National Diabetes Inpatient COVID Response Team

Coronavirus Information for Healthcare Professionals

Specialist Organisations

Guidance from the UK's public health bodies

Specialty guides for patient management, issued by the NHS on 16/3/2020 Drug Safety Update published 18/03/2020
SGLT2 inhibitors:monitor ketones in blood during treatment interruption for surgical procedures or acute serious medical illness

Royal College of Physicians regarding CPD
Announcement from the Royal College of Physicians on CPD Requirements