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Worldwide Endobarrier Registry

In view of ABCD’s research interest in Endobarrier as a treatment for diabetes and obesity, we have used the technology developed for ABCD audits to create a worldwide Endobarrier registry. Over 3000 patients have received Endobarrier treatment worldwide and the aim is to collect on the worldwide registry as much of the data on these patients as possible. It is hoped that several of the nations who have been particularly active with Endobarrier treatment will use the worldwide registry to collate national registry data for presentation and publication. The Germans have led the way with this with a presentation of the German national registry data at the EASD 2016.  Several other countries, in particular Holland, Czechoslovakia, Australia and the United Kingdom, are all considering following the German lead and collating their own national Endobarrier data.  For more information about the Endobarrier worldwide registry, including registering to join it and accessing the registry online tool, please visit the following page: