What is mentorship?

It is important to distinguish what mentoring is and is not so that both the mentor and mentee have a clear understanding of expectations on both sides, within the NDCMP.

  • Mentorship is:

    • Undertaken by a skilled, experienced senior consultant;
    • A 1-2-1 series of confidential conversations built on rapport, trust and integrity;
    • Delivered within the boundaries of a defined relationship;
    • Built on the agenda of the mentee (as defined and agreed with the mentee); and,
    • Delivered over a specified period of time.
  • Mentorship is NOT:

    • Training, coaching, consultancy or counselling;
    • Psychotherapy – whilst mentoring does promote self awareness it does not stray into clinical areas;
    • Open ended – formal mentorship is a relatively short term programme of sessions over a specified period; or,
    • A way of someone else solving your problems for you. Responsibility and accountability to take action on any issue that is discussed lies with you the mentee.
  • Mentorship conversations might include discussion on:

    • Career progression and development;
    • Leadership development;
    • Building high performing teams;
    • Working with individuals to become effective team players;
    • Supporting induction into a new role; and,
    • Accelerating your personal and professional development.

Benefits of Mentorship
A skilled mentor uses a combination of questioning, listening, observing, reflecting back and giving feedback to create a conversation that is rich in insight and learning. From the mentee’s perspective, their time with the mentor is focussed totally on them, their challenges and solutions, their goals, areas of personal development and individual and organisational objectives.
Some recognised benefits of mentorship include:

  • Self-awareness and emotional intelligence;
  • Improved working relationships, impact, influence and rapport;
  • Increased motivation and performance in the role;
  • Improved direction, focus and ability to handle change; and,
  • Increased resilience, resourcefulness and a solution focus

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