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Poster 07: Current trend of Diabetic Ketoacidosis admission in Adult with Type 1 Diabetes in Wales

Ndlovu PC; Atkinson M; Min T.
Diabetes Research Unit, Swansea University
Diabetes Department, Singleton Hospital, Swasnea Bay UHB

Objectives: This retrospective cohort analysis study examined the current trend of hospital admission for diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) in adults with type 1 diabetes (T1D) in Wales.

Methods: All admission for DKA in adults with T1D, aged ≥18 years between January to December 2021 were identified from the Secure Anonymised Information Linkage (SAIL) databank. We examined the length of stay (LOS) for each DKA episode. We also examined the number of patients who had DKA admission as per Welsh Index of Multiple Deprivation (WIMD): score 1 being the most deprived area and score 5 the least deprived area.

Results: 967 episodes of DAK admission were identified. After data cleaning, 630 DKA episodes in 436 patients (51.1% male) were included in data analysis. Of 436 patients, 50% of DKA admission was observed in the patients aged between 25 and 49 years, 25% in 18 to 24 years old. Ninety patients (20.6%) experienced more than one episode of DKA. Of 630 DKA admissions, 78.2% were admitted via A and E and 9.7% via GP. The median LOS was 2 days (51.6% had LOS between 0 to 2 days). Of 421 patients with WIMD data, 29.5% and 27.3% were from WIMD score-1 and 2 areas respectively. Only 7.6% of patients were from the least deprived area.

Conclusion: DKA admission was common in young and middle-aged adults. Recurrent DKA episodes was not uncommon. Most deprived quartile of WIMD areas had greatest proportion of patients with DKA.

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