Joint British Diabetes Societies (JBDS) for Inpatient Care Group

The Joint British Diabetes Societies (JBDS) for Inpatient Care group was created in 2008 to ‘deliver a set of diabetes inpatient guidelines and proposed standards of care within secondary care organisations’, with the overall aim of improving inpatient diabetes care through the development and use of high quality evidence based guidelines, and through better inpatient care pathways. The JBDS–IP group was created and supported by Diabetes UK, ABCD and the Diabetes Inpatient Specialist Nurse (DISN) UK group, and works with NHS England, TREND-UK and with other professional organisations.

The 2022 Rowan Hillson Inpatient Safety Award

A SurveyMonkey of JBDS-IP guidelines undertaken at the end of 2012 revealed:

  • Guidelines have been actively distributed (>21,000 copies, excluding downloads)
  • 85-100% responding teams were aware of the guidelines
  • >90% adoption in 118 UK Trusts for older guidelines, and around 50% for 2012 guidelines
  • Rated highly in terms of patient safety, overall quality and clinical value

The group administrator is Christine Jones and if you or your organisation would like to contribute to future guidelines please contact her (

The core members of JBDS-IP (listed below) include diabetes consultants and diabetes specialist nurses from across the UK, with all 4 nations represented. Twice yearly face to face meetings interspersed with teleconferences ensure regular contact between members.


The guidelines produced by the JBDS–IP group (including those planned for the future) are listed below and for those already published. These are the most up to date JBDS guidelines. All previous versions have been archived. Please ensure you are using the most up to date guidelines because they may have changed.

JBDS Guidelines Archive

Title Files
The Management of Glycaemic Control in Patients with Cancer
Hospital management of hypoglycaemia in adults with diabetes
COncise adVice on Inpatient Diabetes (COVID:Diabetes) - Hyperglycaemia
Diabetes at the Front Door
Inpatient Care of the Frail Older Adult with Diabetes
A good Inpatient Diabetes Service
Diabetes in inpatients with mental health issues
Management of glycaemic control in pregnant women with diabetes on obstetric wards and delivery units
Management of adults with diabetes on the haemodialysis unit
Discharge planning for people with diabetes
Variable rate insulin infusion (VRII) for medical inpatients with diabetes
Steroid use for inpatients with diabetes
Admissions avoidance in diabetes
Management of Hyperosmolar Hyperglycaemic State (HHS)
Glycaemic management during enteral feeding in stroke
Self management of diabetes in hospital
Management of adults with diabetes undergoing surgery
The management of diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) in adults