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Application to join ABCD nationwide FreeStyle Libre audit (Ireland & Isle of Man)

If you would like to join the ABCD nationwide FreeStyle Libre audit and are based in Ireland, simply complete and submit the form below.

Your Details

The town in which the hospital or surgery is based

How we will use your data

In order to join the audit you need to agree that the audit organisers are allowed to see all the details above about you and your site/centre. The audit organisers will be analysing only anonymised patient data but they are not prepared to receive data from anonymised contributors. Please tick the boxes to agree to this and that we may contact you at any time about anything to do with this audit and to invite you to join future audits that might be applicable to you.

Opt in
See section headed structure of the audit - centres and sites on the audit main page. If you would like to let us know at this stage about the structure you were thinking of for your location by all means do so in the box below. The centre can however be further developed at any stage in the future, with sites added at any time.