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DTN-UK Educational Webinar: Getting the best from Hybrid closed loop systems – tips for optimisation


This event is for UK Healthcare Professionals Only

Join us on Friday 12th November, from 0930 - 1230 for Getting the best from Hybrid closed loop systems – tips for optimisation

Webinar Programme

9.30 Overview of each system & the settings that are adjustable, Helen Brown

10.00 Expectations, Goals & a structured approach to Data Review, Dr Charlotte Boughton

10.30 Getting the basics right, Emma Musgrave

10.50 Break

11.05 Case base discussion covering

  • Reducing variability  & increasing TIR
  • CIR optimisation
  • Dealing with highs & lows

This panel discussion will feature presentations from Dr Julia Ware, Helen Brown, Caroline Byrne, Sarah Donald

12.10 Questions, facilitated by Sara Hartnell

12.30 End

Key learning points

  • To briefly review the Commercially available HCL systems and understand the adjustable settings for each.
  • Importance of setting & reviewing goals and expectations with a focus on the importance of reducing burden
  • A constructive approach to data review
  • Importance of getting the basics right
  • Prioritising reducing hypoglycaemia to reduce variability & increase TIR
  • How to optimise Carb insulin ratios
  • Addressing difference in management of hypoglycaemia