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ABCD NDCMP Mentor and Mentee Orientation Workshop

This meeting will run as a virtual event. 

The National Diabetes Consultant Mentorship Programme (NDCMP) is a UK-wide initiative providing mentorship for newly-appointed consultants in the speciality of diabetes and endocrinology. The purpose of the NDCMP is to identify, nurture and support the development of a cadre of consultants in diabetes and endocrinology for future consultant level leadership roles within the speciality.

Taking up a new consultant post in diabetes and endocrinology is exciting but challenging. Acquiring experience, expertise and wisdom to develop in this role takes time and such development is not always best met by the standard processes of CME and CPD.

The NDCMP is offered to all newly appointed consultants in Diabetes and Endocrinology. It is also open to all consultants in Diabetes and Endocrinology who are within 3 years of appointment and equally to SPRs as soon as they are aware of their appointment following successful interview.

Crucial to NDCMP are our expert mentors. They are drawn from amongst established colleagues with a minimum of 5 years in substantive posts. They have further expertise in key other areas such as teaching and training, leadership and management, and service development perhaps also with extension roles such as (but not limited to) Clinical Director, College Tutor, Clinical Tutor, Undergraduate Lead, Specialist Training, Research, relevant District / Regional / National Committees.

Prospective mentors and mentees must attend this workshop for orientation and induction into the expectations of this programme in order to make an informed choice before proceeding.

The aim of the National Diabetes Consultants’ Mentorship Programme (NDCMP) Orientation Workshops is to introduce prospective mentees and mentors to the aims and objectives of the programme and to select mentors/mentees for the first cycle of mentorship.

The key objectives are to:

  • Outline the purpose of the NDCMP
  • Explain how the Scheme will operate
  • Define mentorship, the mentor/mentee relationship and the governance arrangements for the scheme
  • Discuss processes for selection of mentees

All individuals applying to participate in the ABCD National Diabetes Consultant Mentorship Programme (NDCMP) are expected to be members of, and ambassadors for the Association of British Clinical Diabetologists.  Join ABCD.


For more information relating to the NDCMP programme, please visit the website or contact us with any queries.