National Diabetes Consultant Mentorship Programme

The ABCD National Diabetes Consultant Mentorship Programme (NDCMP), introduced in 2011, provides newly-appointed consultants with the opportunity to enter into a mentoring relationship with a more experienced colleague. Unique to the NDCMP is that it is the only speciality-specific mentorship scheme that exists within the NHS.

On appointment to consultant grade, many doctors find the transition quite daunting. For example, perhaps the appointment has involved a family move, which many find stressful; the role itself may not be exactly what the appointee had hoped for; the responsibility of leadership for the first time might weigh heavy to begin with; and/or, simply settling in to a role where you are the person who makes the final decision can be challenging. Indeed, for many newly-appointed consultants, the first two or three years can be a time when they have little opportunity to think about how they want their career as a consultant to develop.

Mentorship is designed to unlock potential, help facilitate personal and professional growth and support the mentee’s development as a newly appointed consultant. Mentorship should be viewed as distinct from other aspects of professional development such as CME, training, assessment, appraisal and revalidation. Unlike all or most other aspects of professional development, the NDCMP gives mentees access to the experience, expertise and wisdom of senior colleagues beyond their employing Trust.

The NDCMP provides a clearly defined framework for a partnership relationship between a mentor and a mentee, designed to help mentees to develop existing skills, to improve their performance and to realize their potential in order to progress in their careers. The basis of the mentorship relationship is one in which mentors empower mentees to develop themselves in their profession. The mentorship process is designed to promote reflective practice, self awareness, responsibility, self determination and direction in relationship to the mentee’s professional development. The aim for the mentor is to stimulate the mentee’s thinking, enable him/her to explore opportunities and ideas, find solutions and ways forward to current challenges and to harness his/her own internal resources. The mentor also acts as a confidential ‘sounding board’ and is a non-biased, non-judgemental, independent resource.

NDCMP offers newly-appointed consultants the opportunity to pick a mentor, from a cadre of trained, experienced and capable consultant colleagues. Mentors are from outside the Trust in which you work and provide a ‘critical friend’ for you to ‘bounce ideas off’ on topics that you consider important. For example, it might be that you want to discuss setting up a new service or you want to explore how you can develop as a consultant. The key thing is that you take the lead in driving the agenda: your mentor is there to support you.

All individuals applying to participate in the ABCD National Diabetes Consultant Mentorship Programme (NDCMP) are expected to be members of, and ambassadors for the Association of British Clinical Diabetologists.  Join ABCD.

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