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Medtronic Diabetes - leaders in innovation, Insulin Pumps and CGM technology.

The MiniMed™ 780G System is our most advanced insulin pump system with SmartGuard™ automation for self-adjusting basal delivery with autocorrection dosing. Now with Guardian™ 4 Sensor for CGM with No Finger Pricks*†.

Automated* for an easier** way to stabilise glucose levels1,2,3 with 96% fewer injections vs MDI# the MiniMed™ 780G anticipates, adjusts and corrects glucose levels, every 5 minutes, 24/7. With smartphone connectivity real-time information can be displayed via the MiniMed Mobile App, and Care Partners can stay in the know with the Carelink Connect App.

More control. Less Effort
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Patients utilising Multiple Daily Injections (MDI) can now stay ahead of their glucose levels with our first Smart‡ MDI system5,6. Combining the power of our latest innovation in continuous glucose monitoring (CGM), Guardian™ 4 Smart CGM system with the InPen™ Smart§ Insulin Pen System. With predictive alerts and personalised insulin dosing‡ to help stay ahead of your glucose levels4,5.

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Medtronic Diabetes continue to support your patients through their diabetes journey with 24/7 technical support, personalised StartRight programmes, plus online learning and educational tools. WeCare – here for your diabetes journey

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