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DTN-UK Flash Glucose Monitoring Education Programme

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DTN-UK are delighted to announce the launch of it’s Flash Glucose Monitoring Education Programme. Expert health care professionals and users of the Flash Glucose Monitoring system have developed a range of modules which we hope provide you with a better understanding of and into how to make the most of this device.

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Who is it for?

  • People living with diabetes
  • Health care professionals working with people who use the FreeStyle Libre flash glucose monitoring system

Which modules are available?

1. Introduction – Dr Emma Wilmot, Derby​ Watch now (4:14)
2. Mike’s experience of FreeStyle Libre – Mike Kendall, DTN-UK representative​ Watch now (15:34)
3. Getting started with FreeStyle Libre – Dr Peter Hammond, Harrogate​ Watch now (11:58)
4. Interpreting daily traces - Geraldine Gallen, DSN, London​ Watch now (19:48)
5. Basal insulin - Dr Emma Wilmot, Derby​ Watch now (7:54)
• with insulin pens​
• with insulin pumps​ (online only)
6. Carbohydrates – Nicola Taylor, Dietitian, Derby​ Watch now (11:59)
• Introduction​
• Fats and Protein and the Freestyle Libre (online only)
7. Bolus insulin – Dr Jackie Elliott, Sheffield​ Watch now (13:10)
• with insulin pens​
• with insulin pumps​ (online only)
8. Reviewing my data: what does it all mean? – Dr Fraser Gibb, Edinburgh​ Watch now (11:27)
9. The diabetes rollercoaster – Dr Emma Wilmot & Nick Rycroft, Derby​ Watch now (11:34)
10. Exercise strategies – Dr Parth Narendran, Birmingham & Dr Rob Andrews, Exeter ​
11. Hypoglycaemia  - Dr Pratik Choudhary, London​
12. Understanding arrows – Dr Pratik Choudhary, London​
13. Glycaemic Variability – Dr Iain Cranston, Portsmouth

Register your interest for our interactive online webcasts. The modules lead will present the module content followed by an interactive online panel discussions which you can participate in for free.

Once the webcasts dates have passed these modules will be available for you to watch on the DTN website for free.

Each presentation will be followed with a live Q&A. You will have the opportunity to post questions online to our panel of experts.

Thank you to everyone involved in the development of these modules

Module leads: Dr Emma Wilmot, Dr Peter Hammond, Geraldine Gallen, Nicola Taylor, Dr Jackie Elliott, Dr Fraser Gibb, Dr Iain Cranston, Dr Pratik Choudhary, Dr Parth Narendran, Dr Rob Andrews., Nick Rycroft, Mike Kendall.

Those who have taken time to review and improve the content of the slides: Prof Simon Heller, Mike Kendall, Nick Rycroft, Shaun Carpenter.

Funding: Thank you to Abbott Diabetes Care who provided ABCD DTN-UK with a restricted educational grant for the development of these resources.