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Flash Glucose Monitoring

These educational modules on Flash Glucose Monitoring feature the perspectives of healthcare professionals and people living with diabetes. The series gives an introduction to Flash Glucose Monitoring and covers a range of relevant topics, including Interpreting Daily Traces, Hypoglycaemia and Glycaemic Variability.

*Please note that while much of the information is still valid, these videos were recorded when the FSL1 was released in the UK and so do not refer to the possibility of alarm or rt-CGM functionality.*

Thank you to everyone involved in the development of these modules 

Module leads: Dr Emma Wilmot, Dr Peter Hammond, Geraldine Gallen, Nicola Taylor, Dr Jackie Elliott, Dr Fraser Gibb, Dr Iain Cranston, Dr Pratik Choudhary, Dr Parth Narendran, Dr Rob Andrews, Nick Rycroft, Mike Kendall.

Those who have taken time to review and improve the content of the slides: Prof Simon Heller, Mike Kendall, Nick Rycroft, Shaun Carpenter. 

Funding: Thank you to Abbott Diabetes Care who provided ABCD DTN-UK with a restricted educational grant for the development of these resources.

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The DTN-UK is designed to support UK health care professionals who are involved in the delivery of technologies designed to improve the lives of people living with diabetes. Healthcare professionals working in diabetes are welcome to register as a member of the DTN-UK. The education resources and best practice guides are free to access for all.

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