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Dr. Koteshwara Muralidhara

Co-opted Committee member Joint Professional Development Lead

image of Dr. Koteshwara Muralidhara
Image: Dr. Koteshwara Muralidhara
Koteshwara “Murali” Muralidhara is a consultant physician in Endocrinology & Diabetes at the Kingston Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. He is a member of the London type 1 diabetes network and Joint Professional Development Lead on the ABCD committee. He has an MBA from Aston University and has previously held clinical lead positions in integrated diabetes care and transition diabetes service at London Northwest University Healthcare NHS Trust. He was a Diabetes UK clinical champion (2017). His clinical interests in diabetes include integrated diabetes care, last-mile issues in delivering diabetes care to the hardly reached communities, and innovative care for adolescents and young adults with diabetes. He has been a governing body member of a CCG (2017-2020).

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