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Spotlight on: The ABCD DIY APS Audit

The ABCD DIY APS audit was conceived in 2019 as a way of recording and assessing the real-world clinical outcomes associated with do-it-yourself artificial pancreas systems.

These systems are user-created, driven by the #WeAreNotWaiting movement, and utilise insulin pumps, glucose centres and an algorithm to maintain glucose at target level. Users of these systems report high levels of satisfaction, but they are, at present, unregulated and unapproved. Position statements from Diabetes UK and other organisations have made it clear that whilst healthcare professionals should support users of the systems, they should not be routinely recommending their use. Participation in this audit, to build and evidence base for their use and support future position statements, is also encourage.

The launch of the audit was delayed due to the pandemic. We now have data for dozens of users BUT -  we need more. As clinics begin to return to some sense of normality it is key that services recognise the importance of this work and take part. Even one or two additional users included by signing-up with your centre can sway the significance or the results we will be analysing. We hope to share initial findings at the ABCD meeting in Autumn/Winter 2021.

All centres who submit data will be credited in any published work.

To sign-up please follow the link here:…

For any more information please e-mail Tom Crabtree, the ABCD Research Fellow involved with this audit on