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New and active ABCD audits

Members are very much encouraged to take part in our ongoing real world data collection from which we have learned so much (

In the wake of the successful ABCD NHS England closed loop pilot audit we now have an ABCD NICE TA Closed-Loop Audit and we would encourage you to enter your closed-loop patients into that.  For the very informative FreeStyle Libre audit, we are now keen to gather data on FreeStyle Libre outcomes in people living type 2 diabetes, so please contribute the data you have on all such people.  We also now have a Dexcom audit so please join that and contribute data. 

Please also contribute to the Testosterone & Diabetes audit which caused so much interest at the recent EASD.  Please contribute data on your patients treated with oral semaglutide – those who had to stop because of supply issues can still have their data from before that stopped and also after it was stopped – did the diabetes deteriorate – what medications were substituted etc?

Remember that for all our audits, all contributors will be acknowledged in all papers and presentations with those who contribute the largest numbers offered the possibility of being co-authors.

Dr Bob Ryder, ABCD Audit Programme Lead