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ABCD audits prominent at recent EASD

The ABCD audit programme was prominent at the recent EASD in Hamburg with four presentations.  In particular, the presentation by Prof Hugh Jones of the ABCD testosterone in men with type 2 diabetes audit showed that replacing testosterone in those with deficiency led to improvement in HbA1c. The EASD issued a press release about this, and this led articles in the Mail on Sunday, Medscape, and several other news outlets around the world.  Prof Jones was interviewed by Vivienne Parry for EASD TV.

Other ABCD audit presentations at the EASD were: Dr Tom Crabtree who presented data showing that Omnipod DASH was associated with improvements in HbA1c in the real world. Dr Harshal Deshmukh presented data on the clinical Features of type 1 diabetes in older adults and the impact of FreeStyle Libre in this group.  Dr Bob Ryder presented an analysis of data from 1069 EndoBarrier treated patients suggesting that the considerable benefits of EndoBarrier on weight, glycaemic control and cardiovascular risk factors outweigh the risks. 

The short oral presentations can be viewed on the ABCD YouTube channel:

Prof Hugh Jones (Testosterone):

Dr Tom Crabtree (Omnipod): 

Dr Harshal Deshmukh (FreeStyle Libre): 

Dr Bob Ryder (EndoBarrier):