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More information re the winners of the Rowan Hillson Inpatient Safety Award 2019

This is to announce the results of this national competition for the ‘Best Perioperative Pathway for People with Diabetes’. One winner and one runner up were identified. There were 12 entries, and we are very grateful to Dr Rowan Hillson and her fellow judges, Dr Clare Crowley, Professor Ketan Dhatariya, Lucy Fermor, Dr Nicholas Levy and Mr Dimitrios Pournaras for their time in judging these submissions.

Dr Umesh Dashora, Erwin Castro and Debbie Stanisstreet led this project, and the winning Trusts,

and the lead person who submitted their entries are as follows:


Dr David Burckett-St.Laurent, Aneurin Bevan University Health Board


Dr Nicola Leech, The Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

This initiative from the Joint British Diabetes Societies for Inpatient Care aims to promote excellent practice in the safety of inpatients with diabetes. The submissions were judged by an independent panel chaired by Dr Rowan Hillson against predefined criteria. The winning submissions are available to download from ABCD, Diabetes UK and DISN UK Group websites.

There will be a virtual awards presentation for the winner and runner up at the ABCD meeting on 16th December 2020.

We are grateful to Christine Jones for coordinating this award.

Dr Umesh Dashora

Erwin Castro

Leads – JBDS Inpatient Safety Award

Statement by Rowan Hillson

Winning entry form

Supporting materials:

  1. Pre-operative Assessment Clinic

    1. 1a POSTER Pre-assessment plan job allocation
    2. 1b STICKERS Pre-assessment
    3. 1c REFERRAL Pre-operative Optimisation of Diabetes Clinic
    4. 1d Perioperative Diabetes Plans
  2. Cards and Posters for ward

    1. 2a CARD Peri-op quick reference card
    2. 2b POSTER Simplified practice and foot safety
  3. Charts for use on wards

    1. CHART Critical Care VRIII
    2. CHART Drug Management (NBM Procedures and Surg)
    3. CHART OBS VRIII (template)
    4. CHART Universal VRIII (Surg and Med)
  4. Service Evaluation and Audit

    1. 4a AUDIT Endocrine Led Peri-operative Optimisation of Diabetes clinic

      1. 4a1 DATA Referral to Endocine led Pre-operative Optimisation of Diabetes Clinic
    2. 4b SERVICE EVALUATION of Peri-operative Diabetes Care

      1. 4b1 DATA Peri-operative Diabetes Plans completed 4-18 to 4-19
      2. 4b2 DATA Pre-operative Optimisation of Diabetes referrals 15-1-20 to 6-3-18

Runner-up entry form

Supporting materials

  1. Foundation Teaching Slides: Show pictures of the actual pathway
  2. Intraoperative diabetes GKI: The guidelines only for anaesthetists in theatre
  3. Sign up to safety final report: Provides a detailed report of process and outcomes
  4. Insulin and GKI incidents : Illustrates the summary the group would review each meeting to inform modification of the pathway
  5. Diabetes NUTH leadership conference: Summarises recent outcomes and participant feedback