Maintaining and delivering diabetes services during COVID-19 Pandemic

Dinesh Nagi
Date of the announcement: 
Monday, 6 April, 2020

ABCD has been working with the In-Patient Diabetes lead for Diabetes UK, Prof Gerry Rayman, and a group of Specialists in Diabetes to produce much needed guidance describing the maintenance and delivery of specialist diabetes services during COVID-19.

The document is intended for those involved in delivering and redesigning diabetes services in the light of this pandemic. It recognises the importance of maintaining certain elements of the diabetes service which will be essential in reducing the burden on hospitals and supporting inpatient teams.

We have also included a simple template based on the NHS ‘Clinical guide for the management of acute diabetes patients during the coronavirus pandemic, which you may find useful when planning your service.   Teams can also find a more detailed document outlining how to maintain patient flow and patient safety across the community, and particularly in inpatient areas.

View letter from The National Diabetes Inpatient COVID Response Team highlighting the need to maintain patient safety whilst accelerating patient flow through the system including preventing avoidable admissions and readmissions.

Maintaining acute diabetes services in response to COVID-19

Speciality template for acute diabetes services

COncise adVice on Inpatient Diabetes (COVID:Diabetes) - Front Door Guidance

COncise adVice on Inpatient Diabetes - Guidelines for managing DKA using subcutaneous insulin

COncise adVice on Inpatient Diabetes - Guidance for managing inpatient hyperglycaemia

Updated 28 April 2020

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