Latest data on EndoBarrier treatment from the EASD

Dr Chris Walton (ex Officio Chairman)
Date of the announcement: 
Monday, 15 October, 2018

ePoster and interview.  In the wake of the two studies with EndoBarrier sponsored by ABCD (click here) Dr Bob Ryder established an NHS service to give EndoBarrier treatment in 2014 and 62 EndoBarriers were implanted as part of this. At the EASD in Berlin between 2nd and 5th October 2018, Dr Ryder presented data on the first 46 patients to receive EndoBarrier treatment up to removal. These were patients with long standing diabetes (duration 13.7 years) and morbid obesity (BMI 41.9) and poor glycaemic control - HbA1c of 84.3 mmol/mol; 59% were taking insulin.  In response to EndoBarrier treatment the weight fell by 15.7 kg and HbA1c fell to 58 mmol/mol. There were significant falls in systolic blood pressure and cholesterol and in the poster the data was fed in to the UK PDS risk engine to assess the potential impact on cardiovascular risk of these metabolic improvements.  According to the UKPD risk engine there was a significant falls in the risk of coronary heart disease, fatal coronary heart disease, stroke and fatal stroke such that according to this assessment, between 8 and 9 patients out of 100 will not have a coronary heart disease or stroke event during the next 10 years and because of EndoBarrier treatment and between 6 and 7 lives will be saved. The poster can be seen here.  Dr Ryder was also interviewed by the EASD and this can be viewed here. The latest information on EndoBarrier worldwide is that the company who make it, GI dynamics in Boston USA, have appointed a body to administrate the regaining of its CE mark as can be seen here, and they have also set up a new trial with the FDA to assess its safety and efficacy in the USA as can be viewed here.

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