FSL audit 2nd data deadline passes successfully – now the audit continues

Emma Wilmot, Chair, Diabetes Technology Network
Date of the announcement: 
Wednesday, 29 May, 2019

We wish to thank all those who worked so hard to submit data in time for our second deadline, and we are pleased to inform you that we had 296 users from 156 sites in 114 centres contributing data on 6644 patients.  5589 patients had a least one baseline HbA1c and 2043 patients had at least one follow up HbA1c. Analyses are now being undertaken for the two presentations at the at the American Diabetes Association Annual Professional Conference in June and we will then be considering the first paper to be written.

The FreeStyle Libre audit continues

It is important to stress that now the audit continues, and so we encourage those of you who are registered to continue entering data into the online tool at http://freestyle.patientaudit.co.uk/ (or https://wwa-freestyle.patientaudit.co.uk/ for those in Ireland).

It is particularly important that more follow up data is submitted as your patients return to see you in the months ahead, whenever you see them, no matter how many times you see them – we are looking very much for data one year and more after starting FSL.

For those yet to register for the audit  use: https://abcd.care/application-join-abcd-nationwide-freestyle-libre-audit-and-gain-access-audit-tool-n3

On-line video about how to analyse your own data

This video is being created and we hope this will make your local data analysis easier.  Local data analysis is an excellent project for a junior doctor or medical student and of course DSN’s and medical secretaries and indeed anyone involved in the management of diabetes may wish to be involved.  In order to analyse the data you need to be registered as a moderator for your Centre; moderators are recommended by the senior clinician(s) for the Centre.

Questionnaire being updated

To reflect the recent changes in the NHS England criteria for FreeStyle Libre funding, we have updated the indications for starting on the FreeStyle Libre on the audit forms, in accordance with these criteria. The new forms also move towards more standardised data collection. Please note the time in range collected will be the international standard of 3.9-10mmol/l (most systems report this range but worth checking - also note users often have different ranges in use of their hand held device/app). We are aware that more ladies who are pregnant are using the device and, to reflect this, the audit form also now includes a date of delivery so we can capture the antenatal period more accurately. The on-line tool is currently being updated and the updated forms can be ordered with this link:


or downloaded from these links:




All contributors acknowleded

As with all previous ABCD nationwide audits, all contributors will be acknowledged in all the outputs.

Further enquiries may be made to the ABCD nationwide audits database administrator of the project, Melissa Cull.

Prof Thozhukat Sathyapalan

Dr Emma Wilmot

Dr Chris Walton

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