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Download the winning submissions from the 2019 Rowan Hillson Insulin Safety award

I am pleased to share the entries which won Rowan Hillson Inpatient Safety Award this year.

You might find some of the ideas in these entries quite easy and useful to replicate in your institution.

Please e mail me at if you need any further information.

KSH JBDS Rowan Hilson
Supporting material - ITS doctors competency booklet for reflection self assessment
Supporting material - web-based handbook sreen shot
Supporting materials - Evaluating initiative - Insulin Dashboard Feb 19
Supporting materials - evaluation - miniNaDia data
Supporting materials - Safe Use of Insulin - sample slides from face to face slide deck
Runner-up 1
Diabetes Sim Survey Post
Diabetes Sim Survey Pre
DKA sim scenario
example feedback error rate poster
example feedback1
example SIPS1 What insulin do I adjust
example SIPS2 How much to adjust insulin by
example SIPS3 What insulins can continue with a GKI
example SIPS4 Have I prescribed the correct insulin
example SIPS5 insulin and surgery
Feedback (overall feedback)
feedback Qualitative poster 2019
Feedback tool (individual errors)
Hypo sim scenario
SIM poster 2019
SIPS questionnaire doctors
Runner-up 2
JBDS RH insulin safety competition RUTH MILLER final
JBDS Ruth Miller Supporting Evidence final

























Umesh Dashora

Consultant (Endocrinology and Diabetes)

Deputy Chief, Medicine and Career Lead, ESH

Deputy- sub dean and senior lecturer, BSMS

Regional Adviser, RCPE and RCPL