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Defining the Future of Endocrine Services in the UK

The Society for Endocrinology has set up a work stream called  “Defining the Future of Endocrinology working group”, in the post Covid era. This parallels work being currently done by ABCD on the “Roadmap to Recovery for adult diabetes services”. I wished to bring these developments to your attention as a practicing clinician in Diabetes & Endocrinology.

The group set by SfE will be co-chaired by Professors Kristien Boelaert from Birmingham and John Newell-Price form Sheffield and will report into the Society’s Clinical Committee chaired by Dr Stephanie Baldeweg from The University College London. The original proposal for this working group, together with the draft remit is attached for your reference.

Dinesh Nagi (Outgoing Chair of the ABCD) has been invited to act as an affiliate member to the working group with special expertise and focus on liaison with ABCD.

As an affiliate member to the group, we will be required to provide specific input to the project. The SfE wishes to thank ABCD and members for their support to help create endocrinology services fit for the 21st century and beyond.