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ABCD audits at the recent ATTD meeting in Florence

The ABCD audit programme featured at the 17th International Conference on Advanced Technologies & Treatments for Diabetes (ATTD 2024) which was held on 6-9 March 2024 in Florence, Italy.

In an oral presentation, Dr Tom Crabtree presented data showing that in ABCD NHS England pilot audit of hybrid closed loop therapy (HCL) which was launched in 2021, the improvements in HbA1c and sensor glucometrics are sustained to 12 months follow-up.  In a poster presentation he showed that mild weight increases are observed 6‐months following HCL and then plateau and that the weight gain correlates with increased total daily insulin dose. In another poster presentation he demonstrated that HCL is associated with reductions in diabetes distress and with positive impacts on quality of life. 

In an oral presentation, Dr Bob Ryder presented data from the ABCD worldwide EndoBarrier registry suggesting that the considerable benefits of EndoBarrier on weight and HbA1c are achieved in 9‐months and a reduction in the recommended implantation period from 12‐ to 9‐months would reduce serious adverse events (SAE).  In particular, over 60% of liver abscess SAEs would be avoided if the implantation period was reduced to 9-months.