3rd ABCD Clinical and Commissioning News Live event available to view on-line

Rob Gregory - Ex-officio Chair, ABCD Committee
Date of the announcement: 
Tuesday, 31 July, 2018

Don’t miss out! The morning sessions of the third ABCD Clinical and Commissioning News-Live event ‘Innovation into ICS/STP Implementation’ held on 12th July are now available on line as a webcast, but only until 11th August.  Those who were able to attend the event in London, Wetherby and Taunton gave it very good feedback and would recommend to others.

See for yourself HERE and click on ‘Live recording’.  If you registered for the live event you will need to enter the email address you registered with when prompted.  If you did not register for the event, you will have the option to do so from the home page.  You will receive a confirmation of registration email, and will then be able to enter your email address as above to view the live recording.  ABCD is considering how these events should develop, so we would appreciate comments from those who attended in person as well as those who viewed the webcast.  Enjoy!

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