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Liraglutide Audit ABCD Solihull Spring 2013a - Poster

Combined insulin and liraglutide is associated with metabolic improvement and reduction in insulin dose in commonly prescribed insulin regimens: an ABCD Nationwide Liraglutide Audit analysis RESULTS Fig. 1. The pie chart shows the breakdown of patients by insulin regime at liraglutide initiation in terms of number of patients (%). Table 1. Baseline characteristics of patients categorised by their insulin regime at liraglutide initiation. P values: *<0.01, **<0.001, ***<0.0001 P

Sen Gupta1,2, KY Thong1, REJ Ryder1, on behalf of the ABCD nationwide liraglutide audit contributors

1City Hospital, Birmingham

2King’s College, London

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