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EASD Berlin 2018 - Abstract

Early impact of liraglutide in routine clinical use (ABCD nationwide liraglutide audit) on cardiovascular risk (UKPDS risk engine). Diabetologia 2018, Vol.61 Supplement1: Abstract 747

C. Walton1, S. Kassim2, R. Harper3, P. McDonald3, U. Brennan3, J. Harding3, T. Htay4, R. Nayar5, A. Pernet6, S. Rowles7, K. Adamson8, K.Y. Thong9, R.E.J. Ryder10

1Hull Royal Infirmary, Hull, UK

2Northern HSC, Antrim, UK

3The Ulster Hospital, Dundonald, UK

4Kingston Hospital, London, UK

5City Hospitals, Sunderland, UK

6Kings College Hospital, London, UK

7Pennine Acute Hospitals, Manchester, UK

8St John’s Hospital, Livingston, UK

9School of Medicine and Pharmacology, Perth, Australia

10City Hospital, Birmingham, UK.

ABCD nationwide liraglutide audit contributors

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