Canagliflozin Audit DUK Liverpool, 2019 - Poster

Two year metabolic outcomes in the Association of British Clinical Diabetologist (ABCD) Nationwide Canagliflozin Audit: a comparison of glycaemic improvements

A Puttanna1, M Yadagiri1, P Sen Gupta1, I W Gallen2, A Bickerton3, S Phillips4, A Evans4 , D Sennik5, R E J Ryder1 and ABCD nationwide canagliflozin audit contributors6

1 Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS Trust, Birmingham, UK
2 Royal Berkshire Hospitals NHS Trust, Berkshire, UK
3 RYeovil District Hospital NHS Trust, Yeovil, UK
4 RCheltenham General Hospital, Cheltenham, UK
5 RPrincess Alexandra Hospital, Harlow, UK
6 ABCD nationwide canagliflozin audit contributors, UK

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Treatments for diabetes
Type 2 diabetes mellitus
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