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RCPE Symposium: Diabetes and Endocrinology Symposium

The Diabetes and Endocrine symposium will appeal to a wide range of health professionals. The endocrine component contains talks on the management of transgender individuals and how experts deal with endocrine emergencies.

There has been tremendous progress in the management of blood glucose in type 1 diabetes. Along with physicians talking about blood glucose monitoring, “closed loop” insulin pumps and new technologies, we have a relative of a patient with diabetes discussing more unusual DIY ways of using available hardware to monitor blood glucose.

Cardiovascular outcome is recognised as an extremely important part of the management of patients with type 2 diabetes. We have an important session dedicated to discussing the evolving nature of anti-diabetes drugs and the management of cardiovascular risk.

The symposium promises to be informative and thought-provoking. The day will benefit GPs, general physicians, doctors in training, students and endocrinologists! There will be plenty of time for debate and questions.

Margaret Farquhar (