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Dr. Peter Hammond

image of Dr. Peter Hammond
Image: Dr. Peter Hammond

Harrogate and District Foundation Trust, Harrogate

Peter Hammond has been a consultant physician specialising in diabetes and endocrinology in Harrogate since 1996. He has established Harrogate as a nationally recognised centre for insulin pump therapy and related technologies, such as continuous glucose sensing. He has a particular interest in the use of these technologies to improve the outcomes for diabetes in pregnancy. He has been expert adviser to both NICE appraisals of insulin pump therapy. He was NHS Diabetes Clinical Lead for Insulin Pump therapy, a member of the NICE Type 1 Diabetes in Adults guideline development group and co-author of the DTN guideline on insulin pump therapy and use of diabetes technology in pregnancy. He has been involved in research into the role of insulin pump therapy and related technologies, notably the Five Nations Study, REPOSE, SMILE and ADAPT.