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Mr. John Pemberton

image of Mr. John Pemberton
Image: Mr. John Pemberton

Birmingham Women's and Children's Foundation Trust, Birmingham

John is a diabetes dietitian who helps empower children with diabetes to self-manage their condition. His niche is harnessing new technologies (CGM & AIDS & coding) to re-establish foundational principles of healthy lifestyle (three balanced meals, an hour of activity per day, and being active after eating) by creating expectations and accountability during structured education. He is the creator of the QIC award winning "CGM Academy" which teaches Dynamic Glucose Management. He is a co-author on the ISPAD 2022 Exercise Guidelines. He co-created the QIC award-winning virtual school's diabetes teaching program in response to COVID-19. He has implemented many effective service solutions such as a high HbA1c pathway and the KISS system for giving extra insulin for high-fat meals.
He is currently VERY concerned about the regulation of CGM and AID systems in Europe and is trying his best to raise the consciousness and the diabetes community and get it changed. His favourite creation is the education program he has set up for his family knowing one of his children has Auto Antibodies for type 1 diabetes -