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Mrs. Amy Jolley

image of Mrs. Amy Jolley
Image: Mrs. Amy Jolley

Salford Care Organisation, Salford

Amy Jolley, MSc, BSc, RD is Lead Diabetes Specialist Dietitian for the young adult and transition services at Salford Care Organisation. Amy also leads on the delivery of technology services by providing continued education for staff and providing specialist insulin pump/CGM clinics for patients as part of a MDT. Amy has weekly clinics with people using AID systems and those preparing to commence these systems. Amy has been in her role for 13 years and explored many areas of diabetes. She’s a DAFNE educator for MDI and pumps, completed MSc modules in insulin pump therapy, completed the NMP course level 7, and is currently working closely with clinical psychology in developing patient workshop for those transitioning to HCL systems. This year Amy has arranged multiple in-person events for PWD to meet to encourage peer support set up and growth. Amy is enthusiastic to contribute to the education of diabetes technology on a national level.