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Dr. Sagen Zac-Varghese

image of Dr. Sagen Zac-Varghese
Image: Dr. Sagen Zac-Varghese

Lister Hospital, East and North Herts NHS Trust, Stevenage

Sagen Zac-Varghese is a Consultant Diabetologist specialising in diabetic kidney disease and the Undergraduate Tutor at East and North Herts NHS Trust. She is a member of the joint ABCD UKKA committee.
She completed training as a Walport Academic Specialist Registrar and was awarded a Wellcome Trust Imperial College PhD fellowship and NIHR clinical lectureship.
She is an Affiliated Assistant Professor, University of Cambridge, Honorary Lecturer, Imperial College London, Senior Clinical Teaching Fellow at UCL and, a Visiting Lecturer at the University of Hertfordshire. She has a Master’s in education and is a Fellow of the Higher Education Authority.