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Webinar: Screening for and managing early type 1 diabetes

Man wearing headphones, watching webinar on laptop

Thursday 3rd October 2024 17:00 - 18:15

As screening initiatives are being set up internationally, and with the availability of clinical coding for presymptomatic type 1 diabetes (T1D), an increasing number of people are being identified with T1D before they need insulin treatment. These people need careful support and care and it falls on us in secondary care to provide this. This session will outline the different screening initiatives around the UK, the approaches to managing early T1D and review some case histories.

The learning outcomes are:

  • Presymptomatic type 1 diabetes can be detected a number of years before the onset of symptoms
  • Early detection of T1D has advantages
  • Screen detected T1D has a milder clinical presentation and lower insulin requirements and requires a personalised insulin regimen

Certificates of attendance will be issued to those who attend the live webinar.

This webinar has been instigated and organised by ABCD. The support from our corporate sponsors has allowed us to provide this valuable educational meeting free of charge to all delegates. Sponsors have had no input into the agenda or the selection of speakers.

Please note this webinar is intended for healthcare professionals only.