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Management of hypoglycaemia post- bariatric surgery

This is a Novo Nordisk Sponsored meeting

Novo Nordisk has provided sponsorship to the Association of British Clinical Diabetologists (ABCD) to fully fund all costs for the development and delivery of this webinar, including creation, administration, promotion and speaker honoraria. Novo Nordisk has had no influence on the content and full editorial control remains the sole responsibility of ABCD.

Management of hypoglycaemia post- bariatric surgery

Tuesday 6th December 2022, 19.00 - 20.00

In this webinar join Professor Tricia Tan to discuss management of hypoglycaemia post- bariatric surgery. Bariatric or metabolic surgery is a proven treatment for durable weight loss, and offers the prospect of long-term remission of diabetes. Surgery is being increasingly considered for the treatment of obesity and diabetes and is becoming increasingly common. As a result, physicians are encountering complications arising from bariatric surgery in metabolic and diabetes clinics. One such complication is post-bariatric hypoglycaemia, typically a hyperinsulinaemic hypoglycaemia which occurs between 1-3 hours after ingestion of food. Far from being a rare complication, recent studies demonstrate that hypoglycaemia after bariatric surgery may be very common. In this talk, Dr Tan will discuss the aetiopathogenesis of post-bariatric hypoglycaemia, implications for patient health and its management.

Join us on the 6th December for the live Q & A panel discussion

This webinar is for UK Healthcare Professionals only