ABCD Spring Meeting 2006

Event Date: 
Thursday, 6 April, 2006


Wednesday 5th April

6.30-7.30 pm : Dr Alan Gaw, Consultant Chemical Pathologist , Glasgow Royal Infirmary : 
Critical appraisal of clinical research and design of clinical trials


Thursday 6th April

9.00-9.45 : Dr Matthew Walters, Senior Lecturer, University of Glasgow: Cerebrovascular disease and diabetes – from epidemiology to acute care
9.45-10.30 : Dr Wendy Gatling, Consultant Physician, Poole General Hospital :
A critical overview of current and future educational models for diabetes
10.30-11.00 : Tea and Posters
11-12.30 : ABCD Debate : Statins should be routinely prescribed in adults with type 1 diabetes :
Proposer : Professor Paul Durrington, Professor of Medicine, University of Manchester
Opposer : Dr John McKnight, Consultant Physician, Western General Hospital, Edinburgh
12.30-1.30 : Lunch and Posters
1.30-2.15 : Dr Margaret McMillan, Consultant Nephrologist, Western Infirmary, Glasgow : 
Current and future management of diabetic renal failure
2.15-3.00 : ABCD activity reports : 
Collaboration with National Horizon Scanning Centre – 
Dr Ian Lewin, Consultant Physician, Devon
Alison Cooke, University of Birmingham
Diabetes Strategic Services Liaison Group with National Clinical Director – 
Dr Jiten Vora, Consultant Physician, Liverpool
Role of the specialist diabetologist – 
Dr Richard Greenwood, Chairman ABCD

3.00-3.30 : Tea/Coffee and Posters

3.30-4.15 : ABCD Sanofi Aventis Clinical Audit Programme Award Winner :
Survey of In-patient Diabetes services – 
Dr Mike Sampson, Consultant Diabetologist, Norwich
4.15-5.00 : Dr Nick Finer, Clinical Director, University of Cambridge :
Managing the endocrinology of obesity – from the adipocyte to the brain

5.00 : Conclusion of meeting

Event taxonomy: 
Clinical taxonomy: 
Cardiovascular, Chronic kidney disease, Inpatient care, Obesity, Type 1 diabetes mellitus

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