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ABCD IDegLira Audit

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This audit is now completed.  To see what was learned click here

About the ABCD nationwide IDegLira audit

This audit followed on from the success of the previous ABCD nationwide audits of GLP1 receptor agonists, SGLT2 inhibitors, and insulin degludec. The clinical trials of IDegLira seemed to show in those uncontrolled on basal insulin (20-50units), that IDegLira showed statistically improved HbA1c reductions in comparison to the up titration of insulin glargine U100 with fewer hypoglycaemic episodes and less weight gain, and indeed with weight loss - see slides on the right for examples of the data concerned. Also in clinical trials, when iDegLira was compared to liragutide in patients uncontrolled on OADs or to unchanged maximum tolerated GLP-1 (liraglutide or exenetide bd) results showed statistically improved HbA1c and FPG control with fewer gastrointestinal side effects but higher rates of hypoglycaemia and less weight reduction in one trial and weight increase in another. We hoped through this nationwide audit to find out if these findings from the clinical trials would translate into the same advantages when the agent was used in real clinical practice. The audit was hosted on a tool very similar to that used in the liraglutide audit and the degludec audit so the many contributors who took part in those audits would find it particularly easy. The audit was launched in early, 2017, and had a number of objectives.

Non ABCD members

Non ABCD members were welcome to take part in the audit and were given access to the on-line audit tool when they registered for the audit.

Collect data on-line or via paper forms

The IDegLira on-line audit tool was so easy to use that live data entry in clinic was a real option to be considered. Otherwise, to facilitate data collection during clinics there were two paper forms which exactly matched the data that could be entered into the audit tool. You can download and print these forms locally.

How to analyse your data - video

Audit Objectives

To see the audit objectives as they were when the audit was launched click here