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ABCD Degludec Audit

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This audit is now completed though analysis of the data continues, and publications can be viewed here

About the ABCD nationwide degludec audit

This audit which was launched in 2014, followed on from the success of the  ABCD nationwide exenatide, liraglutide, exenatide QW, and dapagliflozin audits. With many older established insulins in common usage at the time, it was important to try to gain insight into degludec in real clinical practice by attempting to record the routine data on all patients treated with the new insulin, if possible, so that the most accurate picture of it could be obtained. By pooling the data nationally, we hoped to all learn more quickly from the shared experience. In clinical trials degludec was associated with less hypoglycaemia than other insulins and allowed for flexible dosing. There was less intra-subject variability than with glargine. Potentially therefore patients with very variable patterns of home blood glucose monitoring, particularly overnight and fasting, might benefit from a switch to insulin degludec. It was hoped that the audit might give insight into whether these potential advantages translated in real clinical practice. The tool was hosted on a tool very similar to that used in the liraglutide audit and so those who took part in that audit would find it particularly easy. The audit was launched in conjunction with the Autumn ABCD meeting, November, 2014 and had a number of objectives.

Non ABCD members

Non ABCD members were welcome to take part in the audit and were given access to the on-line audit tool when they registered for the audit.

Collect data on-line or via paper forms

The degludec on-line audit tool was so easy to use that live data entry in clinic was a real option to be considered. Otherwise, to facilitate data collection during clinics there were two paper forms which exactly matched the data that could be entered into the audit tool. You could download and print these forms locally.

How to analyse your data - video

Audit Objectives

To see the audit objectives as they were when the audit was launched click here