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Save the date for the EXTOD 2023 Conference, 9 & 10 November 2023

EXTOD Conference returns in 2023 with a new and extended format. 

This two day conference will cover the core learning of previous EXTOD conferences, and will also offer an advanced second day to build on foundation knowledge. 

Delegates can choose to book one or two days (please note that in order to book Day 2 (Advanced) you will have needed to have previously attended an EXTOD conference)

Day 1 (Foundations)

Day 1 will cover the physiology of exercise and how this changes in those with diabetes.  We will cover management strategies, basic nutrition and insulin adjustments.  Lectures will also discuss the use of CGM, Exercise Education Programmes and current understanding and research.  A series of three workshop sessions led by expert HCPs will provide an opportunity to apply learning to real life case studies. 

Speakers will include Prof Rob Andrews, Prof Parth Narendran, Manyee Li and Dr Alistair Lumb.

Day 2 (Advanced)

Day 2 will allow delegates to further their learning of exercise management in diabetes.  Lectures will cover insulin pumps and hybrid closed loop systems, sports psychology, advanced nutrition, special considerations (e.g. in pregnancy) and extreme sports.  A series of specialist workshops will be offered and delegates will be able to choose from topics such as Paediatrics (nutritional requirements for sport, school care plans, advice through the years), Residential sports camps/ expeditions, adult diabetes technology (including removal and planning for not using tech), Sports psychology. 

Speakers will include Prof Rob Andrews, Prof Parth Narendran, Dr Alistair Lumb, Manyee Li, Francesca Annan, John Pemberton and Anne Marie Frohock

Delegates will also be invited to book to join us for the conference dinner on Thursday 9th November 2023  This will include speakers who will share their incredible sporting stories, all lived with diabetes.

Save the date

Save the date for this face-to-face meeting, which will be held on Thursday 9th and Friday 10th November 2023 in Oxford.

Accreditation for this meeting will be sought from the Federation of the Royal Colleges of Physicians of the United Kingdom for CPD credits.